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Play Ninja Master

Ninja Master

Ninja Master is a ninja game that combines elements of role-playing games and fighting games. Ninja Master features outstanding graphics, great audio,...

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  • Play Swordless Ninja

    Swordless Ninja


    Swordless Ninja is a ninja game developed by Berzerk Studio,...

  • Play Ninja Dogs 2

    Ninja Dogs 2


    Ninja Dogs 2 is the sequel to the artillery game,...

  • Play N Game

    N Game


    N-Game is a ninja game in which players must master...

  • Play Bleach: Versus

    Bleach: Versus


    Bleach Versus is a fan-made fighting game based on the...

  • Play Ninja Dogs

    Ninja Dogs


    Ninja Dogs is an artillery game with gameplay similar to...

  • Play Run Ninja Run

    Run Ninja Run


    Run Ninja Run is a high-paced ninja game where you...

  • Play Ninja Quest

    Ninja Quest


    Ninja Quest is a ninja game with both beat-em-up and...

  • Play Ninja Rinseout

    Ninja Rinseout


    Ninja Rinseout is a ninja game where stealth is key....

  • Play Climbing Ninja

    Climbing Ninja


    Climbing Ninja is a well-made ninja game that captures the...

  • Play Ninja Dog

    Ninja Dog


    Ninja Dog is a ninja game with a storyline similar...

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  • Samurai Master: Road To Tokyo Thumbnail

    Samurai Master: Road To Tokyo is a ninja game taking place near the end of Japan's feudal period. Samurai Master:...

  • Final Ninja Zero Thumbnail

    Final Ninja Zero is a prequel to the ninja game, Final Ninja. Final Ninja Zero features improved graphics over those...

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