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House of Dead Ninjas Instructions

House of Dead Ninjas is controlled by using the keyboard. The arrow keys are used to move. The Z, X, and C keys are use to attack with your sword, shuriken, and bombs respectively. The P key pauses the game. These keys can be configured under the options menu.

House of Dead Ninjas Walkthrough

House of Dead Ninjas is a ninja game released by Adult Swim Games. House of Dead Ninjas parodies early beat-em-up games with its pixelated sprite graphics and 8-bit sounds; it even includes a mock-up of an old game cartridge box on its loading screen and an in-game manual that resembles those of old NES games!

The objective of House of Dead Ninjas is to make it to the bottom of the Ziggurat of Infinum and uncover what mysteries lie within. Along the way you will face numerous enemies and traps. Being true to most games of the period that this ninja game pays homage to, your progress is not saved so you will have to start from the beginning each time that you play. Any achievements that you unlock will remain unlocked, however.

House of Dead Ninjas uses a simple keyboard control scheme. By default, the arrow keys are used to move and the Z, X, and C keys are used to attack with your sword, shuriken, and bombs respectively. You can reconfigure these keys under the options menu if you so desire. Pressing the jump key twice causes your ninja to double jump. You can also cling to walls by holding the jump key and pressing against the wall. The three-button setup of this ninja game does not exactly fit the two-button control scheme of most NES games, but it would have been possible on an NES controlled if the select button were included as part of the control scheme.

In House of Dead Ninjas, you are on the clock so you will have to be quick. Collect clock icons to reset the timer and stay in the game longer. You may also find shortcuts to help you skip over multiple floors. Beating the clock is important, but rushing will be you killed. Keeping a steady pace and a keen eye for trouble will help you a long way in this ninja game!

House of Dead Ninjas is a fun ninja game that harkens back to the days of classic console gaming. Although younger players may not get all of the nostalgic humor, they can still enjoy the fun gameplay that House of Dead Ninjas has to offer!

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