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N Game Instructions

N-Game is controlled by using the keyboard. Press the spacebar to begin each level. The left and right arrow keys move left and right. The Z (or shift) key jumps. The K key kills your ninja and restarts the current level. The P key pauses the game. These controls can be redefined by choosing the "configure" option on the main menu.

N Game Walkthrough

N-Game is a ninja game in which players must master the way of the ninja. N-Game features easy-to-learn controls, an excellent physics engine, simple graphics, and one hundred fifty challenging levels!

The objective of N-game is to complete all thirty episodes. Episodes consist of five levels (giving this ninja game a grand total of one hundred fifty levels) each and must be beaten before time runs out. Only three episodes are available the first time that you play, but additional episodes will be unlocked once you complete prior episodes. Your progress is saved, so any episodes that you unlock will be waiting for you the next time that you play; you will have to start on the first room of the episode, however.

N-Game uses a simple keyboard control scheme. The Z key (or shift key) is used to jump. The left and right arrow keys accelerate your ninja left and right respectively. It is important to keep in mind that your ninja will continue sliding with momentum that is gained, so if you want to make precise movements, you should tap the keys rather than hold them down. If you get stuck on a level in this ninja game, you can press the K key to kill your ninja and restart the level. Your time will be reset to the amount of time that you had when you first started the level if your character dies (whether manually invoked or by being killed by an obstacle or enemy).

N-Game is a very challenging ninja game that can be frustrating at times. The key to success is conserving as much time as possible. Before pressing the spacebar to start a level, take a look at the different obstacles you will face as well as the paths that you will take to reach your goals. Collecting gold pieces rewards you with two extra seconds per piece, so collect them when you can for extra time. You should not waste time hunting a lone piece of gold, however, since the cost will outweigh the benefit. It is advisable to read through the instructions by choosing the "help" option on the main menu so that you can visually identify various items.

N-Game is straightforward enough for casual players to understand, but may be too challenging for them to enjoy. Gamers that want an intense challenge, however, will enjoy this ninja game!

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