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Nano Ninja Instructions

Nano Ninja is controlled by using the mouse or the keyboard. Click the left mouse button or press the X key or spacebar to perform actions.

Nano Ninja Walkthrough

Nano Ninja is a one-button ninja game. This ninja game features extremely simple controls, sprite graphics, and addictive gameplay.

The objective of Nano Ninja is to scale the tower and avenge your master. Different floors of the tower have different challenges to face. If you fail to safely complete a floor, the floor will reset and you will have unlimited chances to try again. The clock will still be ticking while your respawn, however, so if you want to be on the high score board for time in this ninja game, you will should do your best to avoid hazards. Your progress is not saved, so you will have to start on the first floor each time that you play.

Nano Ninja uses a one-button control scheme, making it perfect for casual gamers that want to get right into the game rather than reading pages of instructions. Each floor is like its own minigame, and the button will perform a different action depending on the floor that you are on. It may be a good idea to press the action button of your choice a few times at the start of each floor so that you can figure out what action is performed on that floor.

Nano Ninja is a great game for casual players due to its simple controls. Advanced gamers may wish to be immortalized on the high score boards, however. You should not try to get a high score the first time that you play this ninja game; instead, try to figure things out and memorize patterns. You can use this knowledge in the future to speed through floors without error and earn your name in pixels!

Nano Ninja is a simple and addicting ninja game that has appeal for gamers of all skill levels and ages. Do you have what it takes to avenge your master's death? Find out in Nano Ninja!

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