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Ninja Dog Instructions

Ninja Dog is controlled by using the mouse. Point and click to throw shuriken. Specific instructions are given before each mission.

Ninja Dog Walkthrough

Ninja Dog is a ninja game with a storyline similar to that of the old Nickelodeon show, Eddie McDowd. Instead of performing one hundred good deeds to return to human form, you will have to help others using your ninja skills! This ninja game features cartoon graphics, a humorous storyline, and simple gameplay.

Ninja Dog consists of a variety of missions. Specific instructions are given in each mission, but most levels consist of throwing shuriken to knock fruit out of trees or to defeat enemies. Missions are grouped into four sub-levels ending with a bonus level. Some missions also feature boss battles. Your progress is saved upon the completion of each level, so you can continue your quest the next time that you play.

Ninja Dog uses a simple mouse control scheme making it great for children and casual gamers. Point and click to throw shuriken. The farther your mouse cursor is from your character, the harder you will throw the shuriken. Throwing the shuriken hard is a great way to cause chain reactions, but if you need to avoid hitting certain objects, it may be better to employ softer throws.

If you want to improve your score in this ninja game, it is best to take control of each throw. Setting up throws to strike multiple targets can help you to save shuriken, which in turn will reward you with bonus points at the end of the level. Remember that shurikens that are thrown high into the air will come back down (this can either help you or hurt you!). You can replay any level that you have already beaten to try to improve your score, so do not be ashamed to do so if it will help!

Ninja Dog is a straightforward game that is a fun way to pass some time. The simplicity and addictiveness of this ninja game make it a superb choice for casual gamers!

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