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Ninja Dogs Instructions

Ninja Dogs is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Move the mouse cursor up and down to set the trajectory of your shot and move the mouse cursor left and right to set your shot's power. Click the mouse button to shoot. The A and D keys are used to pan the camera left and right respectively, and the S key is used to zoom out. Press the spacebar to activate special abilities.

Ninja Dogs Walkthrough

Ninja Dogs is an artillery game with gameplay similar to that of Angry Birds. This ninja game features three episodes, ten achievements, and superb cartoon graphics.

The goal of Ninja Dogs is to complete each level by killing all of the cats. To accomplish this goal, you will have to launch dogs from the cannon and crash into the enemies or cause the enemies to meet their end due to collateral damage. The more damage that you do, the more points that you will be rewarded in this ninja game, but keep in mind that your objective is to defeat the cats, so save your dogs for the primary goal!

You can play the levels in each episode of this ninja game in any order that you choose, but all levels in a given episode must be completed before the next episode is unlocked. The ability to play levels out of order is useful if you get stuck on a prior stage, but it is better to play the levels in order since to learn gameplay tips and about new breeds of dog that are introduced. Your progress is automatically saved in this physics game, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play. You can also replay previously-beaten stages to attempt to improve your rating and score.

Each breed of dog in Ninja Dogs has its own special ability. The first time a dog is introduced, its abilities are overviewed. If you need a recap of the overview, you can replay the level that the dog was introduced on. To activate the special ability of a dog, press the spacebar while it is in midair. Unfortunately, you cannot change the order in which dogs are launched in this ninja game, so you will have to plan ahead based on the queue. Proper use of special abilities can fetch victory from the jaws of defeat!

Ninja Dogs is simple to play and challenging to master. If you are a fan of artillery games, then you will not want to miss Ninja Dogs!

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