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Ninja Dogs 2 Instructions

Ninja Dogs 2 is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Click and hold to control your cannon. While holding down the mouse button, move the mouse cursor up and down to set the trajectory of your shot and move the mouse cursor left and right to set your shot's power. Release the mouse button to shoot. The A and D keys are used to pan the camera left and right respectively, and the S key is used to zoom out.

Ninja Dogs 2 Walkthrough

Ninja Dogs 2 is the sequel to the artillery game, Ninja Dogs. Ninja Dogs 2 features three new episodes, improved graphics, and new breeds of dog.

The objective of Ninja Dogs 2 is the same as that of its predecessor: to kill all of the cats on each level by launching dogs from your cannon. You are rewarded for damaging structures in this ninja game, but you will only be able to advance to the next level if all cats are killed, so be sure to save some dogs to accomplish the main goal. It may behoove you to only concentrate on defeating the cats rather than earning points by causing damage sine you will be given a higher rating and more bonus points at the end of the level for using fewer dogs.

Ninja Dogs 2 retains the basic premise of its predecessor, but the controls differ slightly. Instead of clicking to fire, you must hold the mouse button to set the trajectory and power of your shot, then release to fire. This setup may be confusing for veterans of the artillery game genre and those that played the first game in this ninja game series, but once you get the hang of it it should not be a major hindrance. Players that are playing the game in the middle of performing other tasks on the computer may also find the setup useful since they will be able to re-focus the Flash applet (which requires clicking it) without inadvertently firing the cannon. It should also be noted that clicking the left mouse button while a dog is in midair causes the dog to perform its special attack, rather than the spacebar which was used in the precursor to this artillery game.

Unlike the first Ninja Dogs, levels in Ninja Dogs 2 must be played in order. Although this does not allow players to skip levels that are giving them problems, works out for the best since gameplay tips and dog introductions are given in order. Your favorite dog breeds from the first Ninja Dogs make a comeback in this ninja game, but it is a good idea to read the descriptions anyway to refresh your memory of their abilities and learn about the new breeds of dogs that are introduced.

If you enjoyed the first Ninja Dogs, then Ninja Dogs 2 will not disappoint. Ninja Dogs 2 is an artillery game enthusiast's best friend!

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