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Ninja Quest Instructions

Ninja Quest is controlled by using the keyboard. The arrow keys move your character. The W key (or spacebar) changes weapons, the S key is used to throw ranged weapons, the A key is used to attack, and the D key is used to defend. The number keys (1-7) are used to switch to a weapon directly. The P key pauses the game.

Ninja Quest Walkthrough

Ninja Quest is a ninja game with both beat-em-up and platform game elements. This ninja game features cartoonish graphics, a plethora of weapons, and action-packed gameplay.

The objective of Ninja Quest is to rescue the princess. You cannot just jump right in and save her, of course, since that would not make for a challenging game; instead, you must battle enemies and complete each level until you reach her. At the beginning of this ninja game, you must choose your character. The character that you choose has no effect on the actual gameplay, so choose the one that you think is coolest. You are allotted three lives to complete each level. Your lives are reset to three at the beginning of the next level. Your progress is not saved in this ninja game, so you must complete it in one sitting.

Ninja Quest uses a keyboard control scheme. The arrow keys are used to move and the WASD keys are used to perform actions. Specifically, the A key is used to perform melee attacks, the S key throws ranged weapons, the W key switches ranged weapons, and the D key blocks attacks. If you wish to directly switch to a ranged weapon, you can press the corresponding number key. The setup used in this ninja game differs from the typical "Z, X, C" setup of most Flash beat-em-up games, but it is easy to get the hang of it.

Ninja Quest features a wide variety of weapons, but does not feature an upgrade system. Your melee weapon is automatically upgraded at the beginning of the next level. You cannot switch to a different melee weapon; you are stuck with the one that you are given for the duration of the level. Ranged weapons are picked up in boxes left behind by defeated enemies. It is a good idea to use ranged weapons when you have a good amount of ammo. Taking out enemies at long-range is a great way to preserve your health in this ninja game; blocking is also important if you want to keep your health level up!

Ninja Quest is a fun beat-em-up game that is forgiving enough for casual gamers to enjoy it. Gamers looking for a serious challenge may be disappointed by the relative ease of this ninja game, but they may still enjoy the frantic action!

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