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Ninja Rinseout Instructions

Ninja Rinseout is controlled by using the keyboard. The arrow keys are used to move and the S key is used to attack.

Ninja Rinseout Walkthrough

Ninja Rinseout is a ninja game where stealth is key. This ninja game features simple controls, smooth graphics, and challenging gameplay.

The objective of Ninja Rinseout is to kill all of the enemies on each level. If you are killed, you can respawn by pressing the spacebar. You have an unlimited number of lives in this ninja game, but you will be given a better rating for using fewer retries. Your progress is not saved, so it will have to be beaten in one session. This ninja game can be beaten in less than ten minutes, however, so most players should be able to complete it in one sitting.

Ninja Rinseout uses a simple keyboard control scheme. The arrow keys are used to move and the S key is used to attack. Keep in mind that when you attack, your ninja moves forward a bit, so it may not be a good idea to attack an enemy when standing on a cliff unless you want to fall to your own death!

Unlike other ninja games, Ninja Rinseout requires the use of stealth, the true way of the ninja. It is possible to beat this game by rushing in, but you will most-likely be defeated using these tactics. Your rating will also suffer if you are spotted often. Instead, employ patience and wait until your enemy has their back turned, then, strike for a stealth kill. When dealing with multiple adversaries, hit-and-fade tactics may be helpful. At the end of the each level you are given a grade based on your performance. Your overall performance is also graded at the end of the game. Make sure that you are not spotted and try to minimize your own deaths if you want to get a good grade!

Ninja Rinseout is a quick, straightforward ninja game that is a great way to pass spare time. Casual gamers will enjoy the brevity and simplicity of the game, while advanced gamers will appreciate the stealth aspect that is ironically not found in most ninja games.

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