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Run Ninja Run Instructions

Run Ninja Run is controlled by using the keyboard. The up and down arrow keys jump and crouch respectively. The spacebar is used to attack.

Run Ninja Run Walkthrough

Run Ninja Run is a high-paced ninja game where you must escape your captors. This running game features smooth graphics and animations, simple controls, eight achievements, and three upgradable skills.

The objective of Run Ninja Run is to complete each level safely. To do this you will have to jump and crouch to avoid obstacles as well as defeat enemies that will try to stop you. If you run into an obstacle, you will fail and have to retry the level. You have an unlimited number of retries in this ninja game, but any money that you gained on the level will be lost if you fail. Your progress is automatically saved at the beginning of each level, so you can load your progress the next time that you play. This ninja game can be completed in one sitting, but it is nice to know that your progress can be saved, just in case.

In Run Ninja Run, your ninja will automatically run forward; you only have to control his jumping, sliding, and attacking. The up arrow key is used to jump; if you have upgraded your jumping skill, you can tap the up arrow key while in midair to double, triple, or even quadruple jump. The down arrow key is used to slide. Press the spacebar to attack enemies. Timing is the key to success in this ninja game. If you move too early or too late, you might just end up running into a wall or an enemy!

Aside from timing, upgrades are also very helpful in this ninja game. I advise buying the jumping upgrade first. The jumping upgrade allows you to jump multiple times in midair, making it easier to clear certain obstacles. Other upgrades can be helpful, especially in later levels, but the jumping upgrade is an absolute necessity, and will earn its worth by the second level.

Run Ninja Run is a simple and addictive ninja game that is perfect for killing time on a break. Casual gamers will appreciate its simple controls and upgrades while hardcore gamers will enjoy its high pace of gameplay!

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