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Samurai Master: Road To Tokyo Instructions

Samurai Master: Road To Tokyo is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move. The down arrow key blocks. The A key performs a regular attack, the S key performs an aura attack, and the D key performs a powerful super slash.

Samurai Master: Road To Tokyo Walkthrough

Samurai Master: Road To Tokyo is a ninja game taking place near the end of Japan's feudal period. Samurai Master: Road To Tokyo features awesome graphics, simple controls, and a storyline that is moved along by manga-style cutscenes.

The objective of Samurai Master: Road To Tokyo is to travel from Kyoto to Tokyo (which should be called Edo since the game takes place before 1868), defeating anyone that dares to stand in your way. There are twenty-eight levels in all. This game does not feature a save system, so it must be completed in one session. I advise you not to start this ninja game unless you have about two hours to spend on it.

Samurai Master: Road To Tokyo uses a keyboard control scheme that should be easy for most gamers to pick up. The arrow keys are used to move. To block attacks, press the down arrow key. The A key is used to slash your sword. The S key performs a ranged attack that uses a small amount of your killing aura. Once the words "Super Slash" next to the killing aura bar begin to flash, you can perform a devastating super slash against your enemies by pressing the D key.

Defeating enemies rewards you with gold in this beat-em-up game. I advise you to use this gold to heal between stages since your health is not automatically replenished. Entering each stage with at least two thousand health is a good idea. You may also wish to improve your killing aura and sharpen your sword to increase the damage done to enemies with each blow. Your initial abilities will not be enough as you progress in this ninja game since the enemies will become tougher the closer you get to Tokyo!

The only real flaw of Samurai Master: Road to Tokyo (besides Tokyo being named Edo during the time period, for all you Japanophiles out there) is its lack of a saving system. Samurai Master: Road to Tokyo is a solid hack-and-slash ninja game with a perfect blend of art and action!

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