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Swordless Ninja Instructions

Swordless Ninja is controlled by using the keyboard. Move your character by using the WASD keys or arrow keys. The Z and K keys are used to jump. The X and L keys are used to grab and throw items. Press the P key to pause the game.

Swordless Ninja Walkthrough

Swordless Ninja is a ninja game developed by Berzerk Studio, makers of hit games such as Delivery Man and Frantic Frigates. Swordless Ninja features outstanding graphics, simple controls, and just enough storyline to give the game meaning.

Swordless Ninja puts you in the role of Mabushi, the red ninja. Your objective is to rescue your girlfriend, Miyuki, from the evil Oni. Not only has the demon stolen your girlfriend, he has also stolen your sword! You will have to improvise and use any items that you can find to complete your journey. Your progress is saved in one of three save slots, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play.

Swordless Ninja's gameplay is similar to that of Super Mario World. Not only does this ninja game have a similar platforming style, but it also features a world map similar to that of the classic Super Nintendo game. One the world map, use the arrow keys or WASD keys to travel between destinations and the Z or K key to enter the stage of your choice. Once you have entered a stage, use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move, the Z or K keys to jump, and the X or L keys to pick up items or defeated enemies. Enemies can be beaten by jumping on them (a la Mario) or throwing items at them.

In another nod to Super Mario World, collecting one hundred coins rewards an extra life. There are also various items that can be collected which allow you to throw ranged weapons or even become invulnerable to enemy attacks! Be sure to explore levels to find as many items as you can. You can speed to the exits, but exploring all that this ninja game has to offer is rewarding!

Swordless Ninja takes the formula of Super Mario World and blends it with its own unique world and gameplay. If you are a fan of traditional platforming games, then you will enjoy Swordless Ninja!

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